Michael Kingswood

Host of Story Time With Michael Kingswood

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and recognizing with sadness that the odds of his making it into outer space were relatively slim, Michael Kingswood did the next best thing - he entered the US Navy as a submarine officer. He subsequently spent twenty fun years on active duty and has recently returned to civilian life. His primarily focus in writing is Science Fiction and Fantasy, and he has written numerous stories in those genres, including The Pericles Conspiracy, The Glimmer Vale Chronicles, and the Dawn of Enlightenment series. His interest in scifi/fantasy came at an early age: he first saw Star Wars in the theater when he was three and grew up on Star Trek in syndication. The Hobbit was among the first books he recalls reading.

He holds graduate degrees in Engineering Management and Business Administration, and resides in sunny Southern California with his wife and four children. Fitting with his former service onboard Fast Attack submarines (SSNs), he does his writing on Saturdays, Sundays, and at Night.

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